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Maxell CD-R 50-pack(Taiyo Yuden): 2 for 19.99!

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Maxell CD-R 50-pack(Taiyo Yuden): 2 for 19.99!

Postby fil on Thu Sep 30, 2004 3:32 pm

"Maxell Color CD-R Music, 50-pack spindle, 32x, 700MB."
Unfortunelly they are not on sale in all FYE/Strawberies stores(regular price is 19.99 each).
Since Maxell uses Ritek disks also, look for these details to pick the better media. (Taiyo Yuden):
1. They must be "Made In Japan"
2. Looking inside the cake, you must see the frosted hub on the top disk(there is no spacer).
Despite being "CDR-Music" and 32x, these babies are high quality and can be used for data as well.

PS: I consider $ 19.99 a good price, even for Mawell/Ritek media.
(far better than the "CMC Borg").
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