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Memorex CD-R's going bad after 2-3 years being in storage.

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Memorex CD-R's going bad after 2-3 years being in storage.

Postby Coyote on Sun Jan 02, 2005 7:44 pm

I just started checking a lot of my CD-R's, to see if they are still readable. A lot of my discs are just personal copies of my games. All my game backup discs are mostly on cheap Memorex CD-R and were burned using a Yamaha 20x writer.

I'm using Nero scanDisc and have found two discs so far that have unreadable sectors, several others have "damaged" sectors. Nero reported on one disc about 98% good sectors, .25% damaged, 1.24% unreadable. The discs have been stored away and have no scratches on them. These discs were completely readable before I stored them away for safekeeping!

This is a warning for those that are using these discs. So far all Fuji TY discs I've tested are still good!
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Postby xchagg on Mon Jan 03, 2005 1:00 am

no surprises here :D

I have 4+ year old TY discs still giving me <1 avg. C1 errors and no C2 errors (and with small scratches too).

While everything else, including CMC, Hitachi Maxell, and suprisingly Verbatim DLP, are giving me thousands of C2 errors around a year in storage.

Well the CMCs came as no suprise . . . but i think my Liteon hates AZO-based discs lol.

The only discs that still give me perfect scans after a year in storage are TYs, a couple of Mitsuis and a lone Kodak Ultima.
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Postby RJW on Tue Jan 04, 2005 11:31 am

Lite On and AZO is indeed not the best combination.
It seems that lite on's are very picky on MCC metal azo disc's.
One batch they like, the next they don't.
Now befor jumping to conclusion that the batch is bad.
It's not since the 3 other burners(plextor(PX-2410), yamaha (F1), Pioneer (106) I tested can burn disc's of that batch which the Lite on doesn't like infect they don't behave much different with the batches.
Like I said befor it seems that Lite On borked there writeing strategy for MCC Metal Azo disc's.
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