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Monitor issues

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Monitor issues

Postby Bloody Aztec on Mon Nov 04, 2002 2:22 pm

Ok I've bought my monitor back in march, it's a LG Studioworks E700B. It was working very good up until this morning, when I got to see the screen half of it had strange colors and intense flickering. I powered it off and on, and it was gone, but there seems to be a slight flickering in the lower right corner of the screen that's left. I tried to degauss, change colors, change the refresh rates, but it still seems to be there... not too long ago i think i heard some kind of high pitched whistling for a few seconds. Do you know what could cause this? Are monitors kinda fragile?

I called LG's tech support, and they reffered me to a "authorized reparation center" that is 1 hour from my house and when I phone there it's just a voice mailbox, and it seems to be some crappy mom & pops electronic store...

Help me if you can, I'd appreciate it highly!
Bloody Aztec
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Re: Monitor issues

Postby BuddhaTB on Mon Nov 04, 2002 2:52 pm

Bloody Aztec wrote:not too long ago i think i heard some kind of high pitched whistling for a few seconds.

I've heard this whistling before on a new Viewsonic E70F that my bro got brand new back in August. The whistling happens when I first turn on the monitor, but usually last for no more than a min. or two. Does anyone know what causes this whistling sound?
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