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More DMA Stuff


More DMA Stuff

Postby lanker on Thu Oct 27, 2005 8:25 pm

The Next Step. Thank You in part resolving the locked PIO mode in windows XP with respect to the data transfer mode. This DVD Burner supports UDMA 66 though I cannot set it for same dispite repeated trips to bios bla, bla bla. This system, AMD 3000+, 1GB ram, HDD 120 & 20 GB both 7200 rpm, MoBo Asus A7V8X-X w/Via Kt400 chipset, OS XP Pro. Hay stupid check your cables, done that. Did the Reg thing to reset/clear the default 6 error count. Updated Burner firmware, should be up to date on Bios though after this note check chipset drivers & Bios. Best I can get is UDMA-2 in the bios setup using auto configuration. Any other bios configuration defaults UDMA back to PIO transfer mode. Next step is drop the 250MB Zip drive as Secondary IDE slave to see if OS responds there-to.


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