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Is Mount Rainier slow at reading ?

Burn baby burn!

Is Mount Rainier slow at reading ?

Postby pervalidus1 on Fri Mar 26, 2004 11:23 pm

I just bought an LG GCE-8525B (firmware 1.03) and tested Mount Rainier on it with Arita and Ritek 24x medias. While it seems to work fine and the media is identified as 24x by Nero CD-DVD Speed, the read average reported is less than 10x ! What's wrong with it ? Is Mount Rainier much slower than packet writing, or are such medias very bad ? The SmartBuy 12x I used with packet writing on my old drive reads at more than 20x.

BTW, any idea about

Timed out sending notification of target device change to window of "InCD_GUI_MAINFRAME__1A6E0D67_3515_471D_8D7D_C8E76EC0DA2A"


I noticed them in Event Viewer. They appeared just after Nero CD-DVD Speed complained that InCD was using the media, and I told it to release the drive after it finished.
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