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NEC 3500 slower than PX-708?


NEC 3500 slower than PX-708?

Postby seanc on Mon Nov 22, 2004 3:58 pm

I've had a plextor 708 in my machine for a while and recently got an NEC 3500 in my new machine. It seems the NEC is slower on a full dvd write...does that sound right?

I'm using 8x media. The plextor starts at 6x through 18% then shifts to 8x the rest of the way. The NEC on the other hand starts out at 4x and seemed to shift to 8x much later (closer to 40 or 50%).

A full write on the NEC was near 8:40 or so.
the plextor was right near 7:40, a minute quicker.

If cost didn't matter, would the new plextor 16x have been a better choice? The NEC is a heck of a deal and seems to write well. I'm just curious about the speed issue.

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Postby Ian on Mon Nov 22, 2004 4:23 pm

Yes, it is slower than the 708A when writing at 8x. Looking at the picture below (yes, its a DVD-R disc... its the same with DVD+R), you can see that it doesn't reach 8x until the 2.2GB mark.


Keep in mind that the 3500A uses a totally different writing method at 12x and 16x...
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