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[help] NEC ND-3500


[help] NEC ND-3500

Postby hendyb on Tue Feb 15, 2005 12:22 am

I've just bought NEC ND-3500 for quite some time and i have a really serious problem. It seems that my drive cannot recognize any dvd disc at all..
But it's okay with write/read CD.
I've tried DVD-R, DVD+R, pressed DVD movie, but none of them is detected.
The drive's led is just keep lighting for a long period, until it finally turn off, and after that if i check the drive with nero, it says NO DISC.

The dvdrw drive is installed as a secondary master, along with ASUS 16x DVDrom as a secondary slave.

I was just wondering, am i having a defect drive or there are settings that i haven't tried?
can somebody help me??
thanks a lot...
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