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NERO and burnquality and Pioneer reporting errors


NERO and burnquality and Pioneer reporting errors

Postby RJW on Tue Aug 16, 2005 7:14 am

Okay I noticed some really weird behaviour with Riteks R03, NERO and my Pioneer.

Yesterday I noticed that NERO version couldn't burn the Ritek R03 discs's readable on my pioneer106D . While I did burn these disc's fine with K3B (linux) and burned 1 disc in cdspeed fine.

So I wondered.Huge variation in my batch something which I could expect from Ritek or something else.
So I fired up cdspeed and burned another test disc again fine. Next burned a nother disc in NERO failure and burned another disc with K3B again which worked perfect.
THe failed disc's were confirmed by NERO to read fine however my Pioneer can not read them back after ejection but the DVD player in the notebook can.

Hmm so it looked like NERO was screweing up. Now I thought maybe I should upgraded. Upgraded to and now NERO can burn the disc's. For fun I did a few runs with the Pioneer 106 in DVDinfopro.
Now I allways said the Pioneer wasn't reporting reproducable results.
Now here comes a big suprises the LINUX burned disc's did produce reproducable results and wasn't a TY disc ! So far I only had rerproducable results on the TY disc's I tested.

I did more scanning today and all 10 scans of the same disc look very likely something which I only had with TY media. Sofar I suggested it might be the media quality that only really good media proofed
reproducable.However I then thought a little further. All disc's I used befor when testing if the pioneer reports reproducable were done with NERO Burned disc's except for the TY disc I used. So was it quality or was it something else ?
Hmm so I tested some more disc's and what I found is makeing me puzzled.

All discs's I burned with other software that I currently tested report reproducable disc's on my Pioneer 106D with DVDinfo.

All disc's I burned with nero related tools show some weird spike on a specific spot the higth of it fluctuates with the scanning on my pioneer 106D with DVDinfo

All disc's burned with NERO are not performing very reproducable on my Pioneer 106D with DVDinfo.

Now the weirdest one I sayed above NERO related tools.
NERO CDSPEED has the spike but other errors report reproducable.

Scans I made on other equipement(lite On,Benq, DATARIUS ) in the past did give me reproducable results with NERO burned disc's and do not show the specific spot spike.

All transfer rate tests are fine except for the RITEK R03's burned with NERO which are unreadable for the drive itself.

So I'm really puzzled with the behaviour has any one some theories left and what do you people think about the behaviour I withnessed ?
Also do you folks think can I still trust NERO or should I use different tools like K3B which give me reproducable results on my Pioneer with Dvdinfopro when doing error tests and don't give me the huge spike ?
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Postby Muchin on Thu Aug 18, 2005 2:43 pm

According to some people, certain versions of Nero are buggy if many small files are copied individually. I wonder whether that is the cause of your problem. It is not clear to me whether you have performed file test or run CDCheck to make sure that the files have been written correctly.
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