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Nero Burner & Easy CD Co-existing

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Nero Burner & Easy CD Co-existing

Postby howardlr on Fri Nov 22, 2002 11:26 pm

I read an article, somewhere, that explained how to allow Nero Burner & Easy CD to coexist on the same computer, without interfereing with each other. Now that I have both pieces of software, I be blasted to know where I read that.

Can anyone help me? I would like to install my new without uninstalling the old one untill I know which I prefer. I have learned that Nero is not necessarily all that is was touted to be.

Thanks for your help....
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Postby Inertia on Sat Nov 23, 2002 12:21 am

Yes, Nero and Easy CD Creator can both be used together without conflicts. No special installation instructions are required.

However, don't try to install both DirectCD and InCD (packet writing programs). If you use packet writing, install the one that you prefer, and not the other. Installing more than one packet writing program can cause conflicts. Under some circumstances this is not always true, but as a general rule this should be observed.;)
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Postby EEG161 on Sat Nov 23, 2002 11:07 pm

I've installed both Nero5/InCD and DirectCD (custom install of EZCD, just DCD) with some success. While i had a devil of a time trying to get them to work in WinME, I do have them working in W2K Pro, except that the InCD tray Icon doesn't change when a CDRW is formatted or a formatted CDRW is inserted in the CDRom drive.

The one important thing I do is; Neither app starts with Windows. I use a Custom StartUp utility and uncheck them both so neither one starts with Windows. I also get this quirky problem with InCD where the copied files stay in "memory" somewhere and I can still click on the CDRW drive after I've used InCD and still see the files as if the CDRW were still in the tray! I can even copy and delete files from this "phantom" InCD/RW that isn't in the tray! A reboot clears it up.

DCD works perfectly though. I use it for its CDR capabilities. Maybe I should just use Nero5 and burn CDr's using Nero's ISO? Is ISO as good or better/worse than packet writing a la InCD or DCD? I've made drag&Drop Nero5 ISO backups that work perfectly on CDr's. What are the pro's and Cons with packet writing and ISO?
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