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nero infotool and cdspeed

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nero infotool and cdspeed

Postby waters on Mon Mar 24, 2003 4:09 am

I am convinced that my burner is at fault cause 80% of the cd's i burn skip in standalones (if its a svcd first 30min or so is perfect, just the last 10-20min starts to skip in standalones, if its audio the first 50min or so is perfect, then songs start to skip..)

so my prob is only with the END of the cd's i burn.. i wnated to run c2 error tests w/ my burner but with my teac cdspeed hangs at "speeding up drive" and freezes, i must restart my pc to stop the motor in the burner..

in my dvdplayer i can run tests but it never comes up w/ errors which i disagree with.. so i looked @ infotool and noticed that the DVDR doesn't support "C2 errors" , not sure if thats what that check box means but hopefully you do..


MY BURNER, Running cdspeed with this hangs..

Is there any other software i can use (in windows) to test for errors?

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