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Nero – NMIndexingService

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Nero – NMIndexingService

Postby hornblower on Thu Feb 01, 2007 5:49 am

The bloat in Nero gets worse and worse.
The only parts of the Nero suite that I ever install are:
BurningROM & InCD (Yes I do use InCD & yes I like it) However this takes up 227MB space which is ridiculous.
After a clean installation of v7.7.5.1 I found that when I started BurningROM it took quite a while to actually run.
On checking task manager I found the reason was that it started ‘NMIndexingService’ which is not the case in prvious versions.
As far as I am aware this is part of Nero Scout which I have disabled.
It is no good turning it off in TaskManager as the delay still occurs whilst it tries to find it.
What a great pity the people responsible for Nero never actually test in other configurations than the setup THEY think we should use before releasing it to the unsuspecting public. They must think we are all feeble minded like their sales & promotion department.
Loading NMIndexingService was the final straw for me and will now look elsewhere for burning software.

HB :evil:
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Postby SithTracy on Thu Feb 01, 2007 9:14 am

First, I agree, Nero is getting very bloated. However, I do not have the NMIndexingService issue like you describe, but this is not the first I have heard of it. Do you select a custom or full install?

Try this and see if it helps:

Go into Administrative Tools/Services. Set the NMBackup and NMIndexingService to Manual (or try disabled if that does not work for you) and see what happens. I make a habit of turning off services I don't use. Of course, if they are started, you'll need to stop them... but I suggest a reboot to see if they stay stopped.

The other product I found to be a useful burning engine is ONES. I also like ImgBurn, but you can't do audio with that.
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Postby hornblower on Fri Feb 02, 2007 4:24 am

Thanks your reply.
I had already disabled NMIndexingService in services but each time I started BurningROM it tried to find the file hence the delay in loading even though it did not start NMIndexingService.
My install was selective: BurningROM & InCD only.
I think the people who do not have this delay already have NMIndexingService running in the background.
Anyway have now removed Nero so no longer an issue with me and will seek other less cumbersome burning software.
ImgBurn is a superb program which could put Nero & Roxio out of business if it only had multisession capabilities. I had never heard of ONES and have been trying it for the past few hours, so far I think it is excellent except that it is not capable of removing a file from a multisession disk.
HB :)
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