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Nero 7 Ultra Patch Soon?

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Nero 7 Ultra Patch Soon?

Postby Eck on Mon Oct 17, 2005 4:09 pm

I hope a patch is issued soon as I don't have access to the Nero Burning Rom program at the moment.

It worked when first opening the program and testing it, but then after opening Nero Express Nero Burning Rom will no longer open.

So I can burn using Nero Express but trying to open Nero Burning Rom results in a Microsoft error message.

Another peculiarity is the Nero Home program. I opened it to see what it was, and let it scan and index its default folders, which includes as a subfolder the My Music folder where I have all my mp3's.

When I click to play a song an error box within Nero Home opens saying it can't play it, and to pick something better! (Paraphrasing.)

That's okay (but not functional for Nero Home), since all my media players have no problem playing my files. But the thing should work, no? It should open whatever Nero uses, Showtime I guess, to play the file but it doesn't.

It's strange they left NeroMIX out of Nero 7 Ultra. It was a nice alternative media player with some nice visualizations.

Is there a way to install NeroMIX and have it integrate with Nero SmartStart like it did on my Nero 6 Ultra? Or is it discontinued, and not installable once Nero 7 Ultra is on the machine?

I have my original Nero 6 Ultra cd, and the latest NeroMIX update. If I try installing this will it muck up my clean Nero 7 Ultra installation? This isn't vital, as I never used it as my default media player but liked it once in a while for the cool visualizations.

So, a few questions here, but the most important of course is the bug where I can't use Nero Burning Rom. I suppose I could do a repair install of it, but using Nero Express will just break opening Nero Burning Rom again! I'm really hoping for a patch for this.
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Same problem with Burning Rom

Postby eroutt12 on Wed Nov 23, 2005 2:31 pm

I have that problem too with Rom, I've uninstalled and reinstalled and the same thing. Its a problem with Nero.exe and some dll files there are about 59 of them. I have used the clean tools and reinstalled with sercuity programs shut down with no luck, the same problem keeps coming back. And
I bought mine retail too.
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Postby CCampbell on Mon Nov 28, 2005 5:21 pm

The issue you are seeing with Nero Burning ROM not working has been resolved in the current version of Nero posted on our website. You can use the below link to update to this version.


As for your audio files not playing, are they files you purchased from off the website using services such as Napster, iTunes, MusicNow, etc?
If they are, then the problem is that Nero Home and Nero ShowTime do not yet support checking license for DRM protected audio content. We will soon be implementing this feature in Nero Home and Nero ShowTime.

You can confirm if this is the case, if you launch Nero Express or Burning ROM, select Audio format, add one of these audio files and play from within Nero Express or Nero Burning ROM. These programs should work as they do support DRM content already.

NeroMix has been discontinued, as we do plan on rolling many of it's capabilities into Nero ShowTime in the near future.

The idea is that you would use Nero Home or Nero ShowTime to play content.


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Quick Fix!

Postby waterloo_sunset on Mon Nov 28, 2005 7:32 pm

A quicker fix to the problem is right clicking nero.exe (in the core folder in the installation directory) click on compatibility, select run this program in blah blah and choose win2000. Works like a charm.
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