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Nero VisionExpress Pain

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Nero VisionExpress Pain

Postby deria on Wed Oct 20, 2004 12:32 am


I've been using NeroVision Express 2.x a little to make slideshows with audio and transitions, and what I've found is that with recent versions projects need to be kept extremely simple or NeroVision will fail during transcoding (it hangs; other people have reported the same thing). It works on some projects, fails on others.

That sort of sucked, so I downloaded the 3.x version from CTMagazine (no idea why they have it before everyone else, but whatever). That version transcodes just fine, BUT the resulting discs have a gap in the music at the end of every transition. Thats more than slightly annoying, since the gap is about a second long. Now, this does NOT appear when playing back the disc on the PC that created it. The DVD player has no trouble with the 2.x generated discs though.

So... I'm not sure what to do. I can either hope and pray that my projects will transcode with the old version, or I can be certain of transcoding success and certain of a coaster.

I'm a little bitter, needless to say. Does anyone have any suggestions, or ideas where I might be going wrong? I even went so far as to do a complete reinstall (the only software on the machine was XP sp2, and nero) and got the same behaviour. I like Nero Vision -- it does what I want. I just need it to do it reliably.

The DVD player in question is a Harmon Kardon DVD22 if that matters. Its a very good DVD player.
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