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Norton Personal Firewall/wireless USB adapter help!

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Norton Personal Firewall/wireless USB adapter help!

Postby Compaq on Fri Apr 29, 2005 4:42 am

I bought an Airlink 802.11g Wireless USB 2.0 adapter yesterday at Fry's for $14.99. My brother's Gateway P3 933mhz Win ME computer has been using the same model for the past month with no problems.

I set it up on my Compaq Athlon XP 3000+ Win XP Home yesterday when I got home from Fry's. I entered the WEP key and everything was going great yesterday and this morning before work.

I get home from work and it won't connect unless I disable Norton Firewall. I don't know why it worked yesterday and this morning with Norton Firewall.

I can't make sense of the ports and the Norton Firewall options.

I removed and reinstalled the Wireless adapter's drivers and utility program with no luck. The network is detected and everything...I just can't connect while the Firewall is enabled.

Any computer whiz kids out there have any tips for this computer dummy?
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Postby Justin42 on Fri Apr 29, 2005 2:38 pm

I don't have any of the software/hardware mentioned, but it almost sounds like your firewall must have asked for permission for one of the apps to set up the network card, and you hit like "yes, this time only".

Check the firewall's program configuration to see what apps are allowed access to the internet. Try to figure out what, if any, programs are being used for the wireless setup/drivers/apps, and give them permission...
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