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do not buy from this company

What was that?

do not buy from this company

Postby mike_s104 on Thu Nov 21, 2002 12:39 am

I posted this on the DVD forum first. The link is: http://www.cdrlabs.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?t=7574 . I think I might be able to get the word out more by posting it here too.

Also check out (thanks to 'bac' for the info):
http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?s ... adid=36417

I would first like to say that this is just a statement of the troubles I have been having with a certain company and would like to warn others of it.

I have been having some issues with www.cdrdvdrmedia.com .

On 11-06-02, I placed an order for some blank DVD-Rs, just like I had a week before. I received an email immediately after stating the item was shipped and included a UPS tracking number. Fine. I waited a week and just when I was starting to wonder where my order was I received another email stating the order was backordered. They did not state that the silver topped media was in stock or when the white topped media would be in stock.

I then waited until 11-17-02 and since I had heard nothing I sent an email asking where my order was. I got a reply on 11-18-02 stating that they were on back order and if I had any more questions to call 626-855-2156. On 11-19-02 I called the number. They stated the silver top was in stock and they could ship it out that same day. She asked me THREE times if the silver was OK. Each time I said it was. I then asked if my credit card was already charged. She stated it was charged when I placed the order.

This is not good business practice to charge a credit card for an order that has not shipped and is actually back ordered.

I called tonight, 11-20-02. The order had not been shipped yet. I stayed on hold for over 30mins while "they checked the warehouse" for my item. While I was on hold I got an email from the stating the order was shipped. This is very underhanded and sneaky. I would have rather known the truth then for them to do this.

I told them that I knew what they did and that I was not very amused. I think I heard her snicker or laugh about it. I didn't think it was very funny.

I stated that I wanted it shipped next day because of all the trouble I was having with them. She said they were not able to do that. I asked for the order to be canceled. I have not checked my credit card to see if the credit has gone through yet.

I then called the Better Business Bureau in their area and filed a complaint. Their number is 909-835-6064.

I just wanted all you guys to be aware of this so you would not have to go through all the troubles I went through.

So, that leads me to: Where is a good place to buy media?
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Postby TheWizard on Thu Nov 21, 2002 2:32 am

Odd, I have ordered CD-R media from Meritline and its affiliates before and I have nothing but good experiences with them and I would gladly do business with them again. I guess you got a streak of bad luck with them, it happens. :(

Furthermore, I don't think Supermediastore is under the Comptree name. Comptree stores are Meritline, CDrDVDrMedia, ABCink, and EZlabel.
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