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do NOT order from colorcases.com

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do NOT order from colorcases.com

Postby dabadone on Tue Sep 23, 2003 2:27 pm

worst customer service EVER!

We do apologiez for the inconvience but the LIQUID CASE ARE DROPP
so you have to get in contact from the people that send you the case .
Liquids we do have but they are drop shippment so once that we order
them to
send to customer we have nothing to do with those cases anymore because
don't have any parts for that case here at our location . thants way we
havent been able to help you .
thank you cathy

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To: <orders@colorcases.com>; <sales@colorcases.com>;
Cc: <info@colorcases.com>
Sent: Friday, September 19, 2003 2:40 PM
Subject: Fwd: Re: ColorCases.com Order Order Number....

> I am emailing you in regards to a part that i
> requested from your company in early August. I have
> called and sent several emails to only get little
> response from your company. I am extremely
> dissatisfied for several reasons. 1) I can never get
> through on the phone to any of your customer service
> agents. 2) I rarely get replies to emails i have sent
> 3) The one time that i do get through on the phone, I
> am answered by a Hispanic fellow that constantly used
> foul language. I explained the part i needed to him
> and said he will mail it. He said that he would mail
> it and I have waited over 6 weeks for this part.

> In June, I ordered the LIQUID cooling case. One of
> the LED lights in the front of the case is not
> working. There are 2 cables connecting power to the
> lights. One cable plugs into the 4pin power adapter.
> The other cable is connected to the light. The 2
> cables meet at a white 2 pin connector. The cable
> that is connected from the white piece to the light
> has come apart and needs to be replaced.
> This is the only item that i have ordered from your
> company. I have had your product for 3 months and
> required one single request from your customer service
> department and my request has gone incomplete. I am
> extremely displeased and feel even more frustrated
> with a company that can not answer a phone. And when
> the phone is answered, I am greeted by a foul mouthed
> customer service representative.
> Very Truly Yours,
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