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NTI Shipping New Release of Backup NOW! 4 Deluxe Suite

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NTI Shipping New Release of Backup NOW! 4 Deluxe Suite

Postby Ian on Thu Dec 16, 2004 11:28 am

NTI Shipping New Release of Backup NOW! 4 Deluxe Suite

Significantly Expanded Feature Set Includes Easy Email Backup, Remote-Online Backup, and DVD+R 16x and DL Support

IRVINE, CA — December 15, 2004 — Leveraging a decade of success in developing innovative data protection products, NewTech Infosystems, Inc. (NTI) announced today that it is shipping the latest version of its highly acclaimed Backup NOW!® 4 Deluxe Suite with new email, profile and remote-online backup/recovery features, new DVD+R 16x and DL support, and new hard drive spanning capabilities. Currently the only software package that provides the added value of both full image backup and individual file/folder backup, Backup NOW! 4 Deluxe Suite is among the first to offer DVD+R 16x and DL support within a comprehensive, user-friendly backup solution.

The suite’s robust new features combine with NTI’s award-winning backup technology to provide the full spectrum of networked, stand-alone and notebook PC users with complete backup flexibility. NTI’s EasySteps™ user interface and simplified disaster recovery support for Windows™ 98/ME/NT/2000/XP also take the confusion and complexity out of data protection for inexperienced users.

By enhancing the full image backup and individual file/folder backup capabilities with Email and Profile Backup/Recovery tools, users can quickly create backups of their important emails and critical data files or their complete hard drive. This gives them the flexibility to quickly recover individual files that have been lost or restore the entire system to its prior state. NTI Backup NOW! 4 Deluxe Suite can also be used as a cloning utility when setting up new desktop and notebook PCs.

Easy Email and Profile Backup/Recovery

With the new Easy Email and Profile Backup/Recovery tools included with NTI Backup NOW! 4 Deluxe Suite, users can easily archive their personal emails and documents as well as their current Windows configuration, including their desktop layout, regional settings, bookmarks and more.

Remote-Online Backup/Recovery

NTI’s support for Remote-Online Backup/Recovery gives users the tools they need to quickly and easily archive data to remote FTP server sites. The same tools can be used to easily retrieve archived files from a remote FTP server for added security and convenience.

Fast 16x DVD+R Archiving, High-capacity DL Backups

With support for DVD+R 16x, NTI Backup NOW! Deluxe Suite users can now backup 4.7GB of uncompressed data in about six minutes. And with support for DVD+R DL technology, users now have the convenience of backing up to write-once DVDs with a capacity of up to 8.5 GB on a single side.

Disc and Hard Drive Spanning

Using the software’s exceptionally well designed EasySteps interface and on-the-fly data compression capabilities, users can store up to 1.4GB of vital data on a single CD or up to 9.4GB on a single-sided DVD disc. If the archive is too large to fit onto the backup medium selected, users can span the backup over multiple discs or can select multiple hard drives as targets for a backup.

Backup NOW! 4 Deluxe Suite also includes additional powerful backup capabilities such as 128/256-bit data encryption, incremental and differential support, a backup scheduler, backup over a network, on-demand compare, restore single files/folders and Intra Backup Restart, which protects against the possibility of having to restart an interrupted backup job. For complete volume recovery, a bootable emergency recovery disc can be created that automatically restores the system.

Like all premium NTI software solutions, Backup NOW! 4 Deluxe Suite comes with Dynamic Drive SupportÔ (DDS) and Live Update technology, two NTI-exclusive technologies. DDS enables the software to confirm support for any CD or DVD burner, even if the device isn’t registered in NTI’s extensive drive support database. Live Update automatically optimizes the backup and recovery software to complement the device.

Pricing and Availability

Available now for Windows 9x/NT/Me/2000/XP, the NTI Backup NOW! 4 Deluxe Suite has a suggested retail price of US$79.99. The advanced backup and recovery solution is available at leading authorized NTI retailers worldwide as well as major online retailers. Users can also purchase Backup NOW! 4 Deluxe Suite at www.NTIus.com. Based on volume requirements, business site licenses are available directly from NTI. OEM versions of NTI Backup NOW! are also bundled with some of the industry’s leading CD/DVD burners as well as desktop and notebook computers. The software supports eight languages, including Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, German, French, Spanish and English.

About NewTech Infosystems (NTI)

NewTech Infosystems ("NTI") is an industry leading developer of powerful, feature-rich, and easy-to-use software for CD and DVD recording. NTI has developed and delivered innovative recording and backup solutions since its founding in 1993. A industry pioneer, NTI released the world’s first CD Copy software in December of 1995. Today, NTI’s CD/DVD burning engine has an installed base of 70 million users worldwide. With the debut of NTI Backup NOW! in 1998, NTI was the first software developer credited with bringing state-of-the-art optical recording technology to the realm of computer data backup and recovery, a field traditionally dominated by magnetic tape technologies. NTI is headquartered at: 5 Mason Drive, Suite 150, Irvine, CA 92618. Phone: +1-949-421-0720, Fax: +1-949-421-0750 www.NTIus.com
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