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Postby mikepraba on Tue May 03, 2005 9:11 am

Hello folks,
I have few questions about DVD systems. I know North america uses NTSC DVD system and Most europe and Asian countries use PAL dvd system. Is it possible to play a DVD purchased in north america (NTSC) to play in a DVD player in asia or Europe.? Lets say if it doesnt' How do i convert the dvd? (I know there are ways you can convert the VHS tapes to one system to other). Any information you can provide would be great. I have my wedding dvd is in PAL and I want to convert to NTSC as well.
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Postby jberry on Tue May 03, 2005 9:37 am

you will need to re-encode the DVD..simple as that. That is, rip the DVD to your harddrive and use an MPEG encoder to re-encode....use a good encoder though like Canopus or you will have problems with audio sync as the frame rate of the video is different. See the Doom9 or Videohelp forums for this.

for me I think it is better to get a DVD player that plays both NTSC and PAL. For me I have the Phillips 642....multiregion and macrovision free!!!!

I often capture with my Canopus ADVC 100 form it an encode to DVD later....works perfectly.
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