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OPPO DV-983H Universal Up-Converting DVD Player

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OPPO DV-983H Universal Up-Converting DVD Player

Postby Ian on Wed Mar 12, 2008 3:30 pm

I know that Oppo makes nice up-converting players.. but this thing better be really good for $399.


OPPO Digital, Inc. (www.oppodigital.com), a renowned leader in up-converting DVD players, today announced the launch of the DV-983H, the new flagship in OPPO's line of award-winning up-converting DVD players. Featuring Anchor Bay's leading video processing technologies, 7.1-channel audio, and 1080p HDMI up-conversion, the DV-983H Universal DVD Player delivers the breath-taking audio and video performance needed to make standard DVDs look their best on today's large screen, high-resolution displays.

The DV-983H delivers film-like picture quality and scales up to 1080p full-HD resolution, while the player's HDMI all digital output provides the cleanest possible connection. With the DV-983H, OPPO has incorporated Anchor Bay's latest VRS (Video Reference Series) technologies -- including AutoCUE-C™, Precision Video Scaling™, Progressive Cadence Detection™, and Precision Deinterlacing™. These technologies combined generate a clearer, smoother, and true-to-life picture free of artifacts.

"We've leveraged our years of experience in up-converting technology, not to mention the latest innovations from leading video and audio partners, to release our most powerful, highest-performing player yet," said Jason Liao, vice-president of product development at OPPO Digital. "Home theatre enthusiasts can enjoy their DVD and music collections at a whole new level with the DV-983H before investing in an entirely new Blu-Ray library."

"Anchor Bay is honored to have OPPO choose our ABT1018 and ABT102 chips for its flagship DV-983H DVD player," said Doug Fealtman, CEO at Anchor Bay. "Our VRS video processing technologies complement OPPO's unwavering commitment to unsurpassed performance and reliability in its products."

The DV-983H provides a rich array of features for serious home theater enthusiasts. By applying source-adaptive, motion-adaptive, and edge-adaptive techniques, the DV-983H produces an outstanding image for any DVD, whether it's mastered from an original theatrical release film or from a TV series. Aspect ratio conversion and multi-level zooming enable users to take full control of the viewing experience -- maintain the original aspect ratio, stretch to full screen, or crop the unsightly black borders. Special stretch modes make it possible to utilize the full resolution of ultra high-end projectors with anamorphic lenses. For users with an international taste, the frame rate conversion feature converts PAL movies for NTSC output without any loss of resolution or tearing. Custom home theater installers will find the DV-983H easy to integrate into whole-house control systems, thanks to its RS-232 and IR IN/OUT control ports.

To complete the home theatre experience, the DV-983H produces stunning sound quality. Its 7.1 channel audio with Dolby Digital Surround EX decoding offers more depth, spacious ambience, and sound localization. Additionally, the player supports DTS Digital Surround, Dolby Digital, and Dolby Pro-Logic II to accommodate any sound track found on a DVD. Music lovers will enjoy the precise rendering of CD, Super Audio CD and DVD-Audio. The DV-983H incorporates high-resolution 192kHz, 24-bit audio D/A converters, isolated power supply circuitry, and quality passive components to deliver clear treble, deep bass, and a broad dynamic range. The HDMI audio output supports bit-stream and uncompressed multi-channel high-resolution audio, greatly simplifying the connection for users with modern A/V receivers.

Following in OPPO's well-known tradition for versatility, the DV-983H is capable of far more than its "DVD player" name. In addition to supporting Kodak Picture CD, Windows Media Audio and other digital audio/video/picture on CD and DVD recordable discs, its USB 2.0 interface lets users play content from a USB disk and enjoy music, video or a high-resolution photo slide show. Available today for an estimated retail price of $399, the DV-983H can be ordered directly from OPPO Digital's web site www.oppodigital.com and authorized resellers.
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Postby Grain on Wed Mar 12, 2008 5:29 pm

Sounds like it is, better performance than the $3500 DVD-5910 Denon. Certainly not for everyone, but I'm on the waiting list (it's already sold it's first run out).

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