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Optorite DD1601: Need help with previouslyburned DVD-R media


Optorite DD1601: Need help with previouslyburned DVD-R media

Postby 4FanTrashCan on Thu Oct 14, 2004 10:39 am

Anyone have any info on the Optorite DD1601? It can not read any movies on DVD-R media that I had previously created with the Optorite DD0203.

Any firmware newer than 12AF?

"Message sent to Optorite"
DVD-R's created with Optorite DD0203 will not work in the DD1601. If a DVD-R created with the DD0203 is in the DD1601, the computer will not boot passed the Windows startup screen. If one of these DVD-R's is placed in the drive of the DD1601 after the computer has booted into Windows, "My Computer" can not be accessed and eventually locks up. At anytime one of these DVD-R's are in the DD1601 drive, the eject button will not work and disk must be manually extracted with a paper clip. The DD1601 does play movie DVD's and CD's correctly.

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