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Padus DiscJuggler updated to 4.01.1038:

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Padus DiscJuggler updated to 4.01.1038:

Postby Kennyshin on Thu Jan 01, 1970 6:40 am

Padus has released DiscJuggler update versikon 4.01.1038. Offers a few fixes with DVD burning.




Version History
DiscJuggler Professional Edition

Version 4.01.1038: Update
Added "Close DVD" option.
Added support for new CD and DVD drives.
Changed a few default pre-mastering settings.
Fixed a problem with a Mode 2 Compact Disc with UDF/ISO-9660 bridge.
Fixed a problem with mounting DVDs that contain only UDF file-systems.
Fixed a problem with writing DVDs with files larger than 1 gigabyte.
Fixed a problem where removable drives could not be used as I/O target directories.

Version 4.01.1026: Major update
Added optimum write strategy control technologies such as Plextor's PoweRec/PoweRec-II, Ricoh's JustSpeed, and Yamaha's OWSC.
Added maximize quality technologies such as Plextor's VariRec and Yamaha's Audio Master/Audio Master HQ.
Added bootable DVD support.
Added 44x speed (CD) writing support.
Added drive assignment tool for autoloader versions.
Added option to simplify autoloader printing options.
Changed default L2 cache size from 4 seconds to 12 seconds for multiple drive licenses.
Fixed problem involving ID3v2 tags with an attached image.
Fixed problem of wrong disc size estimation in pre-mastering tasks.
Fixed problem of DVD image verification failure.
Fixed problem where loading a .CDJ file would result in a disabled task interface.
Fixed problem for all Toshiba DVD-ROM drives when mounting double-layer media.
Fixed problem of buffer under-run at end of full erase for DVD+RW drives.
Fixed problem where combo drives would not be detected as valid CD writing drives.
Fixed problem with Print Only jobs with autoloader versions.

Version 4.01.1002: Update
Added support for more CD and DVD drives.
Fixed a problem where the Matsushita 720 combo drive would return DVD-RAM write capabilities.
Fixed a problem where certain LG drives would not complete the write process correctly.
Fixed a problem where a DVD+R would not be finalized.
Fixed a problem where a DVD+RW would not be properly erased when "Full Erase" is requested.
Added error message in the log when a drive is being terminated to preserve the writing process.
Added button to Options dialog box.
Fixed a speed selection problem where the "Cache to temporary image" attribute would not be properly selected.
Removed a warning of TOCs containing tracks smaller than 2 seconds for DVD media.
Removed a warning of read speed lower than write speed even when caching to hard drive is enabled.
Fixed a problem where the task would start automaticaly as soon as a blank disc is detected even if in the option was specified to wait for user confirmation.
Fixed problem where audio re-synchronization method could not be changed.

Version 4.01.986: Minor update
Fixed "Browse" bug in Windows 95/98/NT that would prevent the standard browse dialogue box from opening.
Fixed a write speed selection problem when buring over the network.
Fixed a CDDB problem where the application would crash if CDDB URL was not correctly specified.
Fixed a problem with autoloaders where the number of copies requested would not be properly calculated is the number of drives were not a multiple of that number.
Removed a retry operation for loading a disc with certain autoloaders to properly detect when the input bin is empty.
Added support for automatic download and install of the latest version of DiscJuggler.

Version 4.01.980: Update
Uses new Microsoft Windows Installer engine version 2.x.
Uses new Microsoft Visual Studio.NET libraries.
User interface updated to include Windows XP look-and-feel without losing backwards compatibility with older operating systems.
"Software Updates" feature included, allowing updates to be automatically downloaded over the Internet.
More options when using buffer under-run prevention technology.
Fixed "Not enough space on target media" error when creating DVD images.
Fixed speed selection problems with DVD-R and DVD-RW drives.
Fixed slow Win9x network writing transfer rate.
Fixed error reading DVD-ROMs when the drive doesn't support the GET_CONFIGURATION command.

Version 4.01.968: Minor update
Added checkbox to re-enable server service if blank media is not present in autoloader.
Fixed bug where certain drive brands would be used at speeds lower than indicated.
Fixed bug where disc images > 4GB in size would be truncated.
Added feature where user will be prompted for what should be done if a Table of Contents is found to be invalid based on disc technology specifications.

Version 4.01.965: Minor update
Minor cosmetic changes to the user interface.

Version 4.01.963: Product release
Based off of technology from DiscJuggler Standard Edition history.
Added DVD writing capabilities.
Added feature for writing to CD/DVD writing drives over LAN/WAN.

I still can't get the download. The line's too busy.
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Postby Kennyshin on Thu Jan 01, 1970 6:40 am

Just got them. Installed and rebooted.
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