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Plextor W4012TA problems...

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Plextor W4012TA problems...

Postby L10nH34Rt on Tue Aug 05, 2003 11:23 am

Here is what I experience
1) The drive can read perfectly all types of cds
2) Using Nero CD/DVD speed I managed to complete perfectly the write test
3) I can erase any CD-RW media
4) When it comes to actually writing something on the cd Nero always fails on lead-in. In fact it writes nothing at all on the cd and the cd can be used again on my ASUS 52x\24x\52x CD-RW drive.

Any ideas?
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Postby dodecahedron on Tue Aug 05, 2003 1:36 pm


1. try to upgrade to the latest 1.05 firmware.
http://www.plextor.be/english/technical ... 012TA.html

2. make sure DMA is enabled.
check out the FAQ:
How to enable DMA in Windows XP (with pictures)
Problems enabling DMA in Windows XP

3. check your IDE drivers. what chipset/motherboard do you run the drive off? try to update to the latest drivers, or switch from the motherboard makers's drivers to the default MS drivers.
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Postby Inertia on Tue Aug 05, 2003 5:44 pm


Have you tried a different brand of high quality media? If you are experiencing this failure with only one type of media, it may be incompatible with the Plextor. If a burner can't successfully calibrate its laser to media requirements, the burn can fail at lead-in due to calibration error.

Even though the current media works with the other burner, it could still be the problem. It's worth a try to experiment with other media before determining that the Plextor is at fault.
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