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Power Supply Is It Enough !!!!!!!

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Power Supply Is It Enough !!!!!!!

Postby music_lover on Fri Mar 26, 2004 2:58 pm

well i have a P4 1.5 GHZ machine a DFI i845 MOBO
Got a 4x agp and 3 DIMM SLOTS one occupied with a SDRAM Stick(256MB)
well now i wanted to upgrade to a new GPU card and some ram
probably gonna fill up all the remaining slots with 2 sticks cause these SDRAMS are gonna be DINO'S OF THE 21ST CENTURY
and i will be upgrading to a FX 5200 card (gainward) And 2 Sticks Of 256 mb rams

my question is that i have a "300 w" SMPS as of now all i have is a riva tnt in that AGP slot a 5400 rpm HDD and a Cmedia sound card in a PCI slot and as cdrom a cdrw
well wanna ask if is this SMPS sufficient enought to run the machine after the 2 upgrades i.e GPU CARD AND RAM
please do reply
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Postby extreme on Fri Mar 26, 2004 5:48 pm

The power supply should be sufficient. If you notice that your machine starts to crash and get exception error, then that's the time to replace the power supply. I have a PIII 800 machine which has a 300 watt power supply, and the power supply still have enough juices to power the following:

1gb SyQuest Sparq IDE
18GB IBM SCSI (2nd drive)
18GB Fujitsu SCSI

The board is a Asus P3V133 with 1 AGP, 4 PCI, and 3 ISA. All the PCI slot are used up, the AGP is used, and 2 of the 3 ISA are filled (the 3rd ISA is shared with a PCI). The 300 watt power supply is still going!
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Postby wicked1 on Sun Apr 04, 2004 12:11 am

i bet the voltages fluctuate a fair bit though. I also think it wouldnt last too terribly long at full load. The PS in my computer was limiting me when I was working on overclocking my computer to the max. (AMD 2500+ @ 2520 watercooled) The voltage rails just werent steady enough with the 400 watt supply I had. I bought the Antec 550W power supply and it allowed me to go almost 100 mhz faster. Now to overclock this Athlon 2500 Mobile processor I just received. I am shooting for 2600-2700 actual mhz :D
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Postby pranav81 on Tue Apr 06, 2004 3:23 pm

IMO it's sufficient for the upgrade.

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