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Postby ronouel on Wed Dec 31, 1969 10:44 pm

I had a round of nightmares with my TEAC 512EB with Roxio ver 5 basic, leading to returning my burner to TEAC. TEAC said my burner was fine but sent me a replacement anyway. I continued to have multiple problems that could not be fixed by uninstalling/reinstalling Roxio software and doing another TEAC firmware update, all on a fast, unencumbered system w/ 512MB RAM and Win98 SE.

In desperation, I bought a new Acer 24x10x40, model# 2410A that came with Prassi's PrimoCD Plus ver 2.0 for $139 and it all works the balls! Reliable, fast burns-even while multitasking. I even had a scheduled defrag turn on in the middle of a copy job and it turned out fine.

The Prassi software is intuitive and lets you know exactly what it is doing at all times. I am a newbie at this and do not even know the difference between packet writing and whatever the alternative is, but from a newbie perspective, this package sure does seem to work. Can I expect to be disappointed when I come to know more?
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