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Pushing CDRW over specification - 24x on a 10x?

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Pushing CDRW over specification - 24x on a 10x?

Postby UndeniablyGod on Wed Apr 02, 2003 3:56 am

I imagine this question has been asked before, but the search function doesn't seem to be working too well. :(

I have a bunch of 10x CDRW media, but I recently purchased a drive capable of 24x. Nero, CloneCD etc.. Detect the media as 10x capable and only write as 10x. Is there anyway to bypass this?

If not, would any of you happen to know where I can get decent quality 24x CDRW media for cheap?
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Postby CDRecorder on Wed Apr 02, 2003 11:04 am

I'm sorry, you will only be able to use the 10x CD-RW media at 12x. It just isn't possible for it to go faster.

I have heard that Verbatim 24x CD-RW media is very good, but I haven't used it.

Hope this helps! :D
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Postby cfitz on Wed Apr 02, 2003 11:29 am

Here are the part numbers for the Verbatim 24x CD-RW media:

5 pack - Verbatim 94458
10 pack - Verbatim 94457

Use you favorite search engine. People have reported a good price at www.buy.com. I also know they are sold by Amazon.

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