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A question about HyperThreading

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A question about HyperThreading

Postby glock20rocks on Wed Nov 20, 2002 2:40 am

Will HyperThreading work with Win2000? I've tried XP, and absolutely hate it . If not, it's Athlon XP for me...well, MP's hopefully. Too bad about Clawhammer, I wanted one!! :( :(

I'm building a new system, and want the fastest possible. As for the whole P4 vs. Athlon, they are so close now as to be pretty much even. Unless AMD can get the Athlon MP's up to the same speed as the XP, I'll get a P4 w/HT. I do a lot of DivX encoding, and while HT won't make it go faster, I'll at least be able to DO something with the system while it's working. I'd rather have a dual Athlon, since that'd let me work on two movies at once (HT won't)...

Whoops...this got off topic pretty quick :(

Postby sonyman on Wed Nov 20, 2002 2:56 am

Hyperthreading is supported under Windows 2000 with ~20% more performance. However, performing a certain function actually results in degraded performance. (I forget which function). Windows XP doesn't have this bug.

BTW, what do you hate about XP? Just about every interface-related setting can be reverted back to Windows Classic Style. Windows XP has more robust features and is better suited for HT technology.

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Postby glock20rocks on Wed Nov 20, 2002 11:43 am

On my system 2K is alot faster and much more stable. Plus XP does WAY too much stuff "behind your back". Yes, most of it can be disabled, but still, it's bloat ware all the way. Way to much junk installed that I don't want/need. 2K is bad enough in that regard; and since I usually end up doing a clean install of everything about once over 2 months, I don't want to spend all day just tweaking XP...

Glad to here 2K supports it, even if it does cause a performance hit overall. But it helps on a FEW things, so it should be usefull. Of course, Xeon's have come down in price, so dual P4 Xeon's w/HT would work VERY well :)

Thanks for the info!

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