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question ???

How fast is too fast?

question ???

Postby LiteOn Sucks on Tue Nov 12, 2002 4:23 pm

what do you all mean the cd's will shatter or brake in a 52x or greater drive i had a 56x in my other computer and i neva had a broken disc..
and also how do they brake in the drive? :o :( :) :D :x :lol: 8) :-? :evil: :cry: :P :wink: :roll:
LiteOn Sucks

Postby jase on Tue Nov 12, 2002 10:02 pm

You might never experience a shattered disc, I haven't either. But that doesn't mean it doesn't happen. I have heard of cases of this.

Usually it's down to a poor quality disc, that's slightly warped. If it's spun at too high a speed it can brush against the top and bottom of the CD transport mechanism and there is a small possibility of the whole thing shattering.
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Postby LiteOn Sucks on Wed Nov 13, 2002 1:54 am

o.. lol i wuz kinda worried if i got 52 or 56x cd burner it might brake
LiteOn Sucks

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