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questions from a puzzled NERO novice

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questions from a puzzled NERO novice

Postby sam7 on Sat Mar 11, 2006 12:59 pm

I've run into 2 problems, maybe someone out there can help:

Problem 1: Backing up files on CD:
When I get to stage 3, "Backup settings," the default target path of drive C: appears, and cannot be changed.
When I move to stage 4, "select target location," I change the target path to D: (which is my CD drive), but in response I get the following message:
"please enter valid target path to continue process."
Usually my computer has no problem identifying drive D. I use it all the time. How do I make NERO recognize it?

Probelm 2: Burning an album
I've successfully done this before. But with this particular album (downloaded legitimately from a pay site-I can listen to the files from the hard disk) I run into the following problem:
When I select the files to burn, NERO indicates they have a size of 128 MB. I proceed to "add" them, but when I then proceed to burn, I get the following message:
"there is not enough space to burn this compilation onot this disk. Please insert another disk that provides more space." The message then indicates that the space available on disk is 700 MB (which is correct), but the data to be written is 810 MB (contrary to what was identified in the previous window, and definitely not logical). Any tips would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance
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Postby CCampbell on Fri Apr 21, 2006 7:29 pm

Hi Sam7,

First Problem 1: the "Backup Settings" window is where you must select your CD Recorder or DVD Recorder to backup too. If you can not do it here, then Nero BackItUp is not able to detect your Recorder. (Is Nero Express able to write to the drive? More than likely not as BIU and Nero Express use the same API, in which case you need to see if the drive is working normally, meaning can you play an audio CD from or read a Data CD from it. And make sure you have our latest nero software)

Once you get to 'Target Path', it's asking for a path on the C: drive, it's no longer looking at other drives so you should not be trying to select the Recorder here or other drive letters. Just the folder on the C drive where you would want the backup to go too.

For Problem 2: This is strange. What size does Windows Report the Album as?


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