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Questions/problems with LTR-52246S

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Questions/problems with LTR-52246S

Postby Big_H on Wed Mar 26, 2003 12:22 am

First, how do I check and see if my drive is able to copy safedisk and such? I know it "can", but how can I myself check? Do I just pop a recent game in and then... do what?
Using Nero, I tried CD Copy with an older game (using SafeDisk2 according to ClonyXXL) and it failed with the message: "Unrecoverable read error. Error reading data. Burn Process failed." Do I have Nero setup incorrectly?
I used WinISO to make an ISO file of the disk, and it seemed to work fine.

Second, (not really about my drive but whatever) what is ASPI, and how do I know if I need one / where do I find it to download? Do I need one?

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Postby cfitz on Wed Mar 26, 2003 12:31 am

You need a specialized program such as Alcohol 120% or Clone CD to copy copy-protected discs. Nero won't do it.

You don't need a system-level installation of ASPI for Nero. Some burning programs require it. If they do, they will include it or tell you where to get it.

The most popular ASPI layer is Adaptec's. It may be found on their website. Another popular source for ASPI is ForceASPI, which installs version 4.60 of Adaptec's ASPI, a version that some consider more stable than later versions. ForceASPI also allows you to uninstall ASPI. Find it with google.

Unless you are running a program that requires you to install ASPI, don't.

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Postby Bhairav on Wed Mar 26, 2003 12:32 am

1) For the copy-protected cds, you need a program like Alcohol 120% or Clone CD, which will make an image of the copy protected cd on your hard disk, which you can then burn on a CDR, giving you a perfect 1:1 copy of your copy-protected cd.
The reason you had a problem using NERO is that I don't think that it can recognise the various copy protections on the market (eg SafeDisk and SecuROM). Clony XXL is used just to scan for which protection is present on the CD

2)For ASPI - read http://www.macdisk.com/faqaspien.php3
and http://www.adaptec.com/worldwide/suppor ... =972071023

To check for which version of the ASPI layer you have, you need to download a program called ASPICHK.exe. Do a search on Google for it.

edit: ah, sorry cfitz. It was the dreaded "answering while YOU were posting" bug. :oops:
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