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Samsung SH-162L: TS04 vs. TS05 vs. TS06


Samsung SH-162L: TS04 vs. TS05 vs. TS06

Postby MonsterMan on Sun Jul 16, 2006 9:17 am

Sigh. I can't win with this thing, apparently.

Note: All of the discs where taken from the same batch.

TS04, Memorex 16x DVD+R (CMC MAG 01) @ 12x (16x was unusably bad):

TS05, at 16x:

TS06, at 16x:

Talk about a roller coaster ride! Hope I can revert the firmware back to TS05!

The only other discs I have scans for from all 3 firmwares are Nexxtech DVD-R 8x, UME media code. All 3 firmwares are about the same, with the PIF total being about 2x as high on the TS05 than the other two.

Sadly, even that scan is WAY better than any of the Memorex scans!

I think it's time for that 182...it's back to $32 on newegg...
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