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Samsung sw-224b problems...

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Samsung sw-224b problems...

Postby cocoloco700 on Mon Jan 27, 2003 4:39 pm

hi, my cd writer (samsung sw-224b) has worked great for about three months... all of a sudden, i popped in a cd yesterday and it stopped working... it says "driver cannot be initialized or found" some code 39 in windows xp.. well, i tried looking for the drivers in windows.. but it seems as if they just "dissapeared"... the drive works, as its detected in teh bios and everything, but the drivers are nowhere to be found... i looked online, EVERYWHERE, and the only thing i find are the firmware upgrades.. i sent an email to Samsung support asking for drivers, but got no response... i don't know what to do right now... so does anyone have any ideas to issue this problem? thanks
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Postby guarana2.5 on Mon Jan 27, 2003 5:57 pm

So, the drive works and can read cds but it can't burn cds? I'd say that has something to do with your burning software. Maybe one of the files for it got corupted. Try uninstalling your burning software and then reinstall. Cd burners don't come with or need drivers anymore.
Hope that solves it for you.
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