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Samsung 240B: Can't write at any speed but 1x!

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Samsung 240B: Can't write at any speed but 1x!

Postby Weazelll on Mon Jan 20, 2003 4:47 am

I have a brand new Dell 8250 with a Samsung 240B CDR/RW. It seems to read CDs okay but writing is a whole different story. I've used Roxio CD Creator and Music Match to try to record music CDs and it always seems to hang on about the fourth track - no matter what speed I use (except for 1x). The error message I get is "Write Error 03/Cc/00" and "Track Writer Error Command Retry Failed T7118". The error numbers associated with each of the above are E80041898 and E80041925. I am using TDK 700 MB / 80Min CDs that I bought at Costco. (I've ruined about ten of 'em so far!) I suspect I may have a bad CD-R/RW but thought that before I called Dell, I'd see if anyone here has any thoughts. . .

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Postby cfitz on Mon Jan 20, 2003 12:34 pm

It could be a bad drive, but it also might be bad media. Try at least one other brand/batch of media before giving up on the drive. I would suggest the Fuji 100-pack on sale at Best Buy for $7.99 this week:


The Fuji discs are made by Taiyo Yuden and are very high quality. And you can't beat that price.

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