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Burn baby burn!


Postby fedemanz on Wed Jan 05, 2005 2:13 pm

Hi, i new here, sorry but my inglish is not good. Now i explain my problem

I have a CD-RW SAMSUNG SW-252 firm:r701 with 8mb of buffer. i search in google and i confused, becoause exist a lot of .rom to upgrade my CD-RW, there is 701,702,703...... (and a lot more). But i Don´t know who firm is the best or the last for mi Cd-RW. In Samsungs paged said the version R703 is only for KOREA, i dont understen why sayd that. can you help me? can you tell me who is de best and de last firm for my CD-RW?

Tnks for all the team of this thread

Now, i flash and i put the firm model:r702, but i dont know, if this firm is the best or the last. help me people!!
Buffer Underrun
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