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Samsung SM-348BEA vs SM-348B?

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Samsung SM-348BEA vs SM-348B?

Postby Yellow_Lenghan on Fri Mar 14, 2003 8:41 pm

Hi all.... my first time writing on this forum.

What are the differences between the SM-348B and the SM-348BEA?
On Samsung website, there is absolutely nothing about a SM-348BEA drive. Only the SM-348B is listed. But searching with google, many shops sell the SM-348BEA, which is the one listed in the shop where i'll buy my new computer.

I am aware about the Retail being 8MB and the OEM being 2MB, but i couldn't find any evidence about the EA of SM-348BEA being used to tell its OEM.
Anyone can help me about the differences between 348B and 348BEA if there is any?
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Postby babar on Sat Mar 15, 2003 12:40 am

Samsung 348B can be used to identify 2 different, and distinct, models: the 348BRAS and the 348BEAB. The 348BRAS is the retail model which is sold w/ a 8mb buffer. the 348BEAB is the OEM, bulk package version which is sold with a 2mb buffer.

Both perform exactly the same. I myself have the 348BEAB and 348BRAS, and notice no difference besides the buffer size. Both accept the same firmware upgrades from Samsung.

If you look at the drives themselves, the only label indicator of the drive model will say "SM-348B." So maybe that's where the confusion comes from. Websites that sell the drive will list the Mfgr Part #, so you can identify the drive by looking at that.

Hope this helps!

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Postby Ian on Sat Mar 15, 2003 12:55 am

Thanks for clearing that up Babar. That will help a lot of people.
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Postby JAMF on Sat Mar 15, 2003 7:13 pm

Hey, speaking of the 348B, I can't flash my firmware with either the manual Windows utility nor the current live update version - either app hangs on my XP Pro-based system. Drive is master on its own channel, no other issues. Any ideas?
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differences between 348B and 348BEA?

Postby JeffmanII on Wed Apr 16, 2003 4:56 pm

How can I tell for sure which version I have? I recently bought the SM-348BEA drive from an online retailer, and they advertised it as the retail version. Is there any way that I can tell for sure which drive I have before I take this to the better business bureau? The drive arrived in a slightly beat up retail box, and the drive itself does not have samsung written on the front of the tray.

Thanks for any help you can give me.
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Postby Han on Wed Apr 16, 2003 6:50 pm

Drive without the Samsung logo on the tray usually has 2 MB buffer and is sold as OEM. The labeled one is usually packed in a retail BOX and is equipped with 8 MB buffer.
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differences between 348B and 348BEA?

Postby JeffmanII on Wed Apr 16, 2003 6:52 pm

Great, that's what I was afraid of. Looks like i'll be contacting the better business bureau.

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