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Should I splurge now, or invest it?

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Postby wicked1 on Mon May 24, 2004 1:18 am

btw current car me and my brother co own is a 2001 TransAm with 505 RWHP. 427 sb,Custom frame. Narrowed Moser 4.11 14 bolt rearend. 315/35/17 all around,billstein custom suspension setup,custom 6 spd transmission,Kevlar clutch,red neon underlighting,custom graphics,Kicker 12" L7,Hifonics 1500 watt amp,Kicker component speakers,Alpine Indash dvd player. My brother paid $45,000 for it with a spun rod I paid to get it fixed ($5,000). He drives it 50 miles one way to work daily and gets over 20mpg(isnt technology grand try that with a carb). I get to drive it on weekends occasionaly and at the strip always. It out handles my old 96 vette and will pull the tires off the ground on a hard launch.I also pay a portion of the car payment.He is 19 yrs old too but he makes $32 an hour as a union heavy machinery operator. My corvettes stereo was still much louder than this cars.I actually ruptured an ear drum in it at 153 db.Anyway this car is crazy fast.0-160 is a blast and take turns at 1.0G sideways is awesome face smashed up against the glass :D Cant wait till I buy the 200HP nitrous kit for it.BTW now its running 10.9's.
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Postby LoneWolf on Mon May 24, 2004 11:29 am

After owning a non-exotic sporty car (not even close to Ferrari, Porsche, or even a `Vette or Cobra SVT), I have to say, invest.

An investment in property will usually appreciate and you can get equity. A car depreciates, only gaining value should it become rare, and only if you spend gobs of money to constantly keep it in perfect shape.

A Ferrari will require premium fuel in huge gulps that will leave shark-sized bites in your wallet. My car in comparison, gets very good gas mileage, but as it uses premium fuel, I'm still feeling the pinch.

A Ferrari's maintenance costs are ridiculous. Parts take longer to get, and cost more. Maintenance is expected to occur at more frequent intervals than an average car. Insurance will also be truly outrageous, not just because of performance, but because of parts and repair costs, which are estimated into your insurance price.

If you do any travelling that requires packing bags and equipment, the Ferrari ain't it. Not a whole lot of space.

A Ferrari will get you hot women on occasion, but if you're not careful, may require you to trade said Ferrari in for a minivan. ;)

I'm debating in the next year or two selling the Acura Integra GS-R I have. I'll likely go for something like the new Mazda 3 five-door. Sporty, but uses regular gas, has room to put things in, and has an option for MP3 playback. Reliability is expected to be good as well, something you aren't as likely to find in the exotic car market, especially the used market. Being sensible doesn't sound fun to most people I know, but it only takes one emergency in life to be glad you were.
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