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Some information about VirtualDub.

Video editing, capturing, converting, etc.

Some information about VirtualDub.

Postby pranav81 on Mon Feb 06, 2006 1:58 pm

Hello all.

I am having some questions for video encoding/decoding experts.I am trying to encode my video clips to DivX & XVID.I was using Dr.DivX 1.06 for all these days.But from last couple of weeks I am facing problems using Dr.DivX.I had downloaded Dr.DivX 2,but I was not comfortable using it.

When using Dr.DivX 1.06 I was able to select the encoding method.I usually used "Multipass,1st pass" and used to encode at highest quality available.But when Dr.DivX behaving erratically,i.e.,sometimes the computer started rebooting while the encoding was going on,some files were encoded incompletely,etc.,I shifted to VirtualDub 1.6.11.This software works beautifully for me.

The problem that I am now facing is that if I configure the DivX or XVID codec to encode at "Multipass,1st pass" the video is NOT encoded at all in VirtualDub,but it used to work fine in Dr.DivX 1.06.I only hear the sound,but video cannot be seen.The properties of the file shows very small,unexpected,file size and shows bit rate of about 15 to 18 KBps,while it should be about 100 KBps,as per my settings.The "1 pass" setting in both the codecs works fine.

So,where am I going wrong?How can I use "Multipass,1st pass" in VirtualDub?

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