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Symnatec PC Anywhere 10.0 and 9

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Symnatec PC Anywhere 10.0 and 9

Postby memmiller on Tue Sep 14, 2004 9:28 am

Ok here is the deal all brand new compaq pc's with Windows XP PRO SP1a preloaded from mfg. machine is host using symnatecs pc anywhere. Every time the user tries to connect (via dialup connection through an internal and/or external modems) all they see is a huge blue screen they have the ability to move around and work on the host pc but can't see anything at all on their end. Not sure of the platform they are using (more than likely same setup as the host machine) Dial up is the only alternative due to where they live. Anybody have any ideas or ever seen this behavior before.. Never had any problems with the previous machines Win 98se and this software. Finally when tested in house it worked properly.

If anybody has any ideas please forward responses to mike@lightningpc.net or post it here thanks.
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