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testing the quality of burn media?

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testing the quality of burn media?

Postby jtan on Sun Jun 01, 2003 8:26 am

does anyone know any reliable way to test the quality of the burn media? using dvd-rom dvdwriter or cd-rom cdwriter gives different results for when i use nero cd speed...
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Postby Halc on Sun Jun 01, 2003 10:37 am


reading accuracy is a combination of the reader and the media (among other things).

As such, it is quite hard (if not impossible) to try and generate a universal ranking of burn quality with only a one reader.

Some burns (by brand X burner on brand Y media) might read well in several drives and much worse in others, just like you have noticed.

Currently the DIY way to test is with a LiteOn drive (using Kprobe or CD Doctor) or with a Plextor Premium drive (using Plextools pro).

While these tests are immensely useful, they are not be-all-end-all results for burn quality testing.

I suspect that a professionally calibrated cd quality analyzer (usually based on the expensive Philips Pro mechanism) would give even more accurate results applicable to a larger selection of drives.

However, these analyzers are quite expensive.

If you just want find a "good enough" media that burns and reads well in all of your drives (and hopefully on other people's too), then try some of the often recommended quality media (Tayo Yuden, Mitsubishi Chemicals, etc). Then try using any of the tools mentioned here for quality analysis (CD Speed, KProbe, Plextools Pro, CD Doctor, etc).

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