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Trying to copy a cloned DVD again

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Trying to copy a cloned DVD again

Postby Graham35 on Thu Mar 16, 2006 12:12 pm

I have been given a several DVDs that have been cloned using AnyDVD and CloneDVD2 - they play just fine, no problems there but. I want to take another copy of them and when I try I get several issues......
1. at between 88 & 98% complete it says can not read the vob files try cleaning the disc - I have tried all ways to get past this hurdle with no luck
2. I managed to get one DVD copied to my hard drive but, when I put in a blank DVD verbatim 4.7gb +R X 16 it says not enough room on the DVD for the files.
I have copied other DVDs onto these Verbatim without troubles

The copies that were given to me were done on 1 to 8x -R......... is this the issue,
I am using a BenQ 1620, BW79 firmware - which normally does a great job for me
I have tried to copy using the cloneDVD2 and also nero.

Any ideas please

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Postby Justin42 on Thu Mar 16, 2006 3:50 pm

Since they've already been copied they should be protection free. Try copying the disc to a folder just using Windows Explorer (be sure to keep the VIDEO_TS folder, as that's where stuff must be) and see if it works. Disable AnyDVD before trying anything.

Alternatively, try using DVD Decryptor to rip and burn in ISO mode. (You don't need it for 'decryption' but it's a very solid ISO burner)

My guess/thought is despite them already being copied, AnyDVD is maybe getting confused and trying to remove protection that doesn't exist. There should be no issues due to the type of disc they came on but the disc may have gone bad or have a bad sector...

If you still get errors, the discs may indeed be bad. #-o Try running a disc quality check. (I don't have a Benq drive, perhaps someone could chime in with specific apps that work with Benq)
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Postby Jim on Thu Mar 16, 2006 7:51 pm

I would guess the media is bad toward the outer edges of the disc. DVD-R discs hold slightly more than a DVD+R disc so that may be your problem in your second question.
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