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Upgrade from LG4163 and using Memorex 8xDL


Upgrade from LG4163 and using Memorex 8xDL

Postby X-Nemesis on Sat Jul 05, 2008 7:26 am

Ok...so my 4163 still works but doesn't work with this media...since new drives are dirt cheap I figured why not just make the upgrade it's been a while. I've read through some of the more recent reviews but none of the drives really seemed to have made a big impression except maybe the Samsung 20XX line.

So of course the obvious question I'm posing, what would you recommend to pick up that would successfully burn these memorex DL's.
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Re: Upgrade from LG4163 and using Memorex 8xDL

Postby Dartman on Sun Jul 06, 2008 2:04 am

I have a older LG h22n that does very well with just about any crap DL media. My Pioneer and NEC drives also did nicely with the same ones. My Newest Pioneer right now is a 111, I also have a bunch of others including a BenQ 1655, Samsung S203b and others. I would think that Pioneer would still do a good job with their newest drives but don't have one to say for sure. Many love the S203 series drives but mine hasn't done that well with DL media, other folks have different results but that's my experience with it.
All of my other drives just don't do as well as that lowly H22n or the 111 on DL. Others should chime in with their favorites and hopefully it'll help you make a good choice.
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