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USB/Firewire CD-RW with audio out?

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USB/Firewire CD-RW with audio out?

Postby Fixx on Sun Mar 02, 2003 12:24 pm

I would like to know what external CD-writers there are at the moment in the market which can double as standalone music-CD players? Hook it to laptop and it is CD-burner, hook it to stereo amp and it is music player?

I know there are:
-Philips Jackrabbit USB+FW (older model)
-Jackrabbit DVD-out (newer model which doubles also as DVD-player)
-one Sony USB model which can do this trick.

Any others? Recommendations, opinions on prices and quality?
I think this kind of multiuse units are increasing but information about them is rather scattered...

I am running Mac TiBook so USB 1.1 (slow) and Firewire (expensive?) are the ways to connect the burner.

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