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Weekly ads starting 9-24-06

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Weekly ads starting 9-24-06

Postby Ian on Fri Sep 22, 2006 9:56 pm


SEAGATE 400GB PATA Hard Drive - $109.99
GQ 16x DVD+R 100pk - $19.00
HAMMER 16X16 DVDRW - $24.99 after MIR
GQ 52x CD-R Media - $9.00
Easy Media Creator 9 - $49.99 after MIR
Seagate 750GB Hard Drive - $299.99
Haier BrewMaster Beer Dispenser - $429.99 (everyone needs one of these)

Office Depot

Imation 50 Pack CD-R Discs - $7.99 (in circular)
Western Digital 160GB Hard Drive - $29.99 after MIR
Western Digital 160GB My Book Essential Edition External Hard Drive - $49.99 after MIR
Memorex DVD+R 5 Pack With DVD Movie Cases - $1.99
Imation 50 Pack DVD+R or DVD-R Media - $9.99
Imation 100 Pack CD-R Media - $11.99
Office Depot 25 Pack DVD+RW or DVD-RW Media - $7.99

$10 off $50 Coupon
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Re: Weekly ads starting 9-24-06

Postby bill on Sat Sep 23, 2006 7:39 am

Ian wrote:Outpost.com

Haier BrewMaster Beer Dispenser - $429.99 (everyone needs one of these)


That's the way to kick off a weekend!

Good price on Media Creator 9. I think I'll order a copy if the rest of the ads don't list it any cheaper.

Office Max

HP 16x DVD +or-R, 50 for $14.
HP 16x DVD +or-R, 100 for $25.
HP 16x DVD+R LightScribe, 15 for $10.

HP 52x CD-R LightScribe, 25 for $10.
HP 52x CD-R, 100 for $15.

Seagate 300gb PATA (ST3300631A-RK), $100.
Seagate 80gb PATA, $65.

Seagate 100gb (USB powered) external hard drive, $140.
SimpleTech 40GB (USB powered) external hard drive, $60.


Sony DVD+or-R, 50 for $15. The 100 count spindle cost $25.
Sony CD-R, 100 for $16.

Staples brand slim jewel case, 50 for $9. 40 clear with the remainder mixed colors.

Maxtor 300gb PATA, $90.
Western Digital 160gb PATA, $70.

Maxtor 300gb One Touch external, $130
Western Digital 160gb My Book Essential external, $90.
Western Digital 60gb Passport (usb powered) $75. 120gb model $120.
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Postby bill on Sun Sep 24, 2006 7:14 am

Best Buy
Verbatim 16x DVD+or-R, 50 for $13.
Memorex 2.4x +R DL, 25 for $40.

Western Digital 250gb SATA, $80. PATA model is on sale for the same price.

Lacie 250gb external hard drive (USB interface) $100.
Western Digital 500gb My Book Essential USB 2.0 hard drive, $230.

Zone Alarm Security Suite cost $10 without rebates, that's about as cheap as it gets. If you haven't used it before, its a decent firewall that also offers outbound protection.

Memorex 16x DVD +or-R printable, 50 for $13.
Memorex 52x CD-R, 100 for $13.

Sony Blue Ray (model BWU100A) with RW disk, $750. Comparison pricing at Price Grabber
Memorex 16x External Dual-Layer DVD Recorder, $90 after $20 rebate.

Samsung (in a Centon box) 2.5 inch 40gb hard drive, $50 after $20 rebate.
Seagate 160gb internal hard drive, $40 after $60 rebate.
Seagate 500gb PATA, $180 after $60 rebate.

SimpleTech 250gb external hard drive (USB interface), $90 after $30 rebate.

Circuit City (posting only the media and writers)
Phillips DVD+or-R, 25 count spindle for $10. Buy one get one free..

Lite-On EZ-DUB DVD-RW Drive (SOHW-1673SU), $60 after two $20 rebates.
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