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What's this? A Chinese made Blu-Ray player??

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What's this? A Chinese made Blu-Ray player??

Postby dolphinius_rex on Mon Jun 18, 2007 12:32 pm

With Toshiba always boasting about their efforts to get Chinese manufacturers to make HD DVD players, it comes as something of a surprise to see that the first drive listed with actual specs for either of these formats, actually belongs to Blu-Ray!
http://www.gowellent.net/product%20web/ ... /G875.html

Code: Select all
¡¤Support Blu-ray driver
¡¤USB 2.0 interface(high speed) & card reader
¡¤Support SD/MMC/MS/XD card 
¡¤Support 1G NAND Flash
¡¤DISC Playable: Blu-ray disc /H.264/MPEG4/DivX/XviD/DVD/SVCD/VCD/CD/MP3 /Kodak 
Picture/Photo CD/WMV9
¡¤Support: DivX3.11/4.02/5.02/5.03/5.05 and later,DivXPro, XviD,Nero digital
¡¤PAL/NTSC/MULTI TV system compatible
¡¤Full function remote control
¡¤Support 4:3 & 16:9 TV mode
¡¤High Definition video(HDMI V1.3) output
¡¤10/100M BaseT Ethernet (RJ45)
¡¤Mini PCI interface ,Support wireless home networking
¡¤SATA HDD socket
¡¤Building in HDD
¡¡ ¡¤Component video output (Y,Pb,Pr)
¡¤Composite video output
¡¤S-Video output
¡¤SPDIF Coaxial digital audio output
¡¤Optical digital audio output£¨optional£©
¡¤Scart output
¡¤5.1-CH Surround Sound Output
¡¤2CH Dolby Downmix Output

And yes, that player DOES meet all the minimum requirements for both BD-J 1.1 *AND BD-J 2.0.

Of course we don't know if anyone has actually ordered them, or if they are in production... but it's a step in the right direction!
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Postby Dartman on Mon Jun 18, 2007 10:25 pm

Well as soon as anybody makes a affordable multi format I'm in. That is a step in the right direction for affordability anyways.
The first wave of cheap, hackable, dvd players were all Chinese. I still have a Apex ad600a put away in the closet in it's box, complete with it's "you shouldn't be here" menu and original firmware with all it's quircks.
You used to be able to make a killing selling them on e-bay after buying them at Circuit City... :o
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Postby Wesociety on Tue Jun 19, 2007 3:08 pm

My Toshiba HD-D2 HD DVD player says "Made In China" right on the box. So Toshiba is already leveraging the lower costs of Chinese manufacturing for their HD DVD players...
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