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Who has the quietest 52x CD Burner?

Burn baby burn!

Who has the quietest 52x CD Burner?

Postby craiger on Wed Mar 19, 2003 6:09 pm

Which company has a 52x cd burner that makes the least amount of noise? Thanks, Craig.

Postby voltron on Wed Mar 19, 2003 6:37 pm

I think it depends on the ambient noise produced by your computer before one can properly judge that question. I just got a 52x Lite-on (Buslink box) and I don't notice it being loud.. of course I have two 30CFM case fans. So honestly, if you're in a super quiet room, the CD-RW will be relatively loud, but if you're like me with two computers in the room each properly cooled, you won't notice a thing. I tend to ignore the noise comments since I know I won't be able to hear anything anyway with my loud comptuers.
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Postby Ian on Wed Mar 19, 2003 6:46 pm

I've gone deaf from the computers at work and at home.
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Postby eliminator on Wed Mar 19, 2003 9:33 pm

Huh... what did you say !??... :P :wink:
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Postby Scrondar on Wed Mar 19, 2003 10:39 pm

With this very question in mind I bought the LG GCE-8520B. It's very quiet. Unlike many others, I do not have a noisy system (low noise PSU and CPU cooler), so a quiet drive was a must. Would buy one again in a heartbeat.
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Postby Harrier on Thu Mar 20, 2003 8:53 am

Samung, no?
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Postby rdgrimes on Thu Mar 20, 2003 11:56 pm

I've only got 10 fans running in this tower. The liteOn's are barely audible here. :lol:
But seriously, I think that case construction and mounting methods affect perceived noise a lot. With my aluminum case and 4 screws in each drive, drive noise is minimal.
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Postby TheOverClocker on Fri Mar 21, 2003 12:47 am

Samsung or any spin off from that company
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Postby Burn2death on Fri Mar 21, 2003 1:08 am

Without a doubt it's got to be LG.
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Postby Halc on Fri Mar 21, 2003 11:32 am

I don't know about Samsung or LG (haven't tried 52x models), but the LiteOn model is VERY noisy.

I doubt that LG and Samsung can manage that much better, maybe a little, but not mach. 52x rotational speed is just so high that vibration will cause a lot of noise (case vibration, disc vibration, spinning mechanism, etc)

Of course it will not sound noisy, if you have a hair dryer and a vacuum cleaner blasting at full speed near your computer.

However, if you have a decently quiet power supply, slow <20 dB Pabst/Panaflo fans or water cooling, then that LiteOn will sound like a jet taking off :)

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Postby cfitz on Fri Mar 21, 2003 12:23 pm

I can't really make an informed comparison here (I wonder how many can, since few of us can afford to buy every drive out there and do direct comparisons). I will say, however, that subjectively my 48x Memorex 48MAXX / LiteOn LTR-48246S doesn't seem that loud. It is as quiet or quieter than my Yamaha 24x CRW-3200EZ and several CD-ROM drives I have lying around (NEC, AOpen and, yes, LG). I really don't think it is particularly loud for a 48x drive.

On the other hand, I will admit that my LiteOn 166S DVD-ROM drive does seem louder than other drives when going full tilt on data discs. But it is very quiet when playing audio CDs, DVD, VCD and SVCD discs because it is smart enough to slow down to 2x or so.

Maybe the next time someone I know needs a drive I will get them a Samsung. They seem to be good quality, and I could then compare the noise levels before handing it over. :wink:

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Postby Scrondar on Fri Mar 21, 2003 12:44 pm

Never owned a Lite-On, but I didn't buy one for the reason that so many reviews labeled them noisy. I can say that burning at 48X, the LG can be heard, but is nowhere near a noisy as my Pioneer 106S DVD-ROM when it spins up, and I would not call it loud. Heck, just pick one up at WalMart and if it doesn't suit you, return it. I've never has a problem taking things back to Wallyworld.
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