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Windows Media Player Version 10 & Nero current versions

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Windows Media Player Version 10 & Nero current versions

Postby Tinle on Wed Jan 26, 2005 11:24 am

Is WMP 10 fully compatible with all of the latest versions of Nero's products. WMP plugin sites say that Nero's WMP plugin is NOT and that is a change from WMP 9 to WMP 10 (worked in 9 - doesn't in 10)? Since I never use WMP as a recorder (using only Nero), would I be affected by that compatibility?

I would appreciate and advice and suggestions on how to protect the full functioning of my Nero products (esp, Nero, Nero Express, Nero Vision) if WMP 10 is also on my PC. If I have to choose, then WMP is relucantly gone!

I have no particular use for any WMP functions other than for playback of sound/video files on my PC. The ability to review files that I have created in the Window Media Video file format (.WMV) is critical.

I DO NOT want WMP's recording, organizing, etc. to conflict with other higher priority programs such as Nero, and other sound/video editing programs I use.

WMP 10 shows as a program in Control Panel/ install/uninstall, but its install screen started showing up yesterday. I did not make a conscious decision to add WMP 10, but I do not see any listing anymore for WMP9 in the control panel. I have not yet allowed the install wizard to go forward.

Some choices would seem to be: (1.) uninstall it ;or (2.) Do a careful install of only selected parts; or (3.) Say Ok to everything and see what mischief occurs (Yecch!).

I would appreciate your suggestions.
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Postby CCampbell on Wed Jan 26, 2005 4:31 pm

WMP10 has no effect on Nero.

What the site is talking about is the Nero Fast-Burning Plugin that we provide for WMP9 and earlier versions. WMP will only allow you to burn at 2x speeds, but by installing our Nero Fast-Burning Plugin, you are able to burn at the Maximum speeds your recorder supports using WMP9 and earlier versions.

However, with WMP10 there have been some changes, and we have not yet been able to provide a new plugin for WMP10 as we need some information from Microsoft in order to do so. But we have not had any reall luck in making the needed contacts with Microsoft to get this needed information in order to modify our Nero Fast-Burning Plugin to suppor WMP10.


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