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Word 2010 Quirks

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Word 2010 Quirks

Postby NuGuy on Sun Jun 16, 2013 9:29 pm

I've been using Word 2010 for two or three years now, and just recently its been acting up. I've check all layout and formatting options and can't seem to figure out what's going on. Maybe someone here can help.

1. Regardless of margin setting, my cursor--at default--is always at the very top of the page, leaving no top margin whatsoever. The bottom margin is the same way, as you find out as you type & work your way down to the bottom of the page; new page starts when the last line of text is at the very bottom with no bottom margin. Left and right margins seem OK (1 inch at "Normal" margin setting).

2. My cursor, when it's not within any text (i.e., on a blank area of the document), looks like a capital "I" (not like this, like a real "I" or Roman numeral I, like the cross section of an I-beam). It might have always looked like this; I've never paid much attention to it, BUT it has these 4 small horizontal lines immediately next to it on its right side, descending /top to bottom as long, short, long, short. It looks sort of like the cursor you see when you have something on the clipboard that you could paste, but there is nothing on the clipboard. Depending on which way I move the cursor, I can "make" those 4 small hash lines move directly below/at the bottom of the "I" momentarily.

These anomalies are present upon opening the program, before I do anything. I've also fooled around with the style set, to see if I could make something different happen, but no dice. Any clues as to what's going on?
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Re: Word 2010 Quirks

Postby Ian on Mon Jun 17, 2013 6:19 pm

Sorry, I've never been a MS Word expert. More than likely, the default template was changed. If you go and delete the Normal.dotx file in your profile, Word should recreate it for you with the default settings.
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