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CD-RW write speed with the LG GSA-H10N


CD-RW write speed with the LG GSA-H10N

Postby Pilgrim on Mon Sep 25, 2006 10:37 pm

I wondering if what I am experiencing with long write times with this LG GSA-H10N is due to the nature of the beast or if my upgrading the firmware to JJ11 was a major mistake on my part.

In another thread I asked if this drive would read CD-RW discs which were formatted with InCD [Mt. Rainier] and it does. However, the drive will not allow me to do anything else, e.g., rename, delete, overwrite folders or files. So, I copied my data to my Desktop, erased the disc, reformatted it and then copied it all back which appears to now allow me to use it as it should; most of the time. On a positive note, the formatting only took about 4 minutes; much less than I had anticipated which was 40-60 minutes.

However, copying c. 540 megs from or to Hi-speed formatted CD-RW discs [Verbatim Ultra Speed 16x-24x] takes about 15-20 minutes; much longer than I had expected.

Soooo, is the time it is taking me normal for this drive with these discs and with this size data? Or is something wrong.
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