Whether you are looking for the best performance in high definition entertainment or looking for a refreshingly designed and well featured Blu-ray Disc player, Philips has the right product for you. Further securing their leading position in delivering the ultimate home cinema experience, Philips now extends its Blu-ray range with exciting new products offering both, superior quality and refreshing designs.

philips bdp9500 blu-ray player.png

The new flagship Philips Blu-ray Disc Player BDP9500 raises the bar in performance and quality with its sophisticated Qdeo video processor and its premium design in solid 3mm aluminum. Even on Blu-ray, the video processor eliminates annoying noise effectively without affecting sharpness, improves colors without disturbing the balance and brings greater depth to the picture without becoming unnatural. Coupled with a best-in-class audio performance ensured by the use of Burr-Brown analogue to digital convertors, it ensures that your Blu-ray experience gets even more immersive and closer to reality. DVD playback benefits as well, as this new flagship player provides the most advanced high definition up scaling technologies available on the market to breathe new life into your existing DVD collection.

Its sleek sibling, the Philips Blu-ray Disc Player BDP7500, also comes in a stunning design made from real aluminum and is available in two colors, Sophisticated Silver and Black Silk. It too offers superb performance and all the features you can expect in this class, topped off by support for all HD audio formats and most Internet video formats, 7.1 discrete analogue audio outputs and sophisticated touch controls in a stunning package.

philips bdp7500 blu-ray player.png

For those concerned about their budget but still looking for the best in home cinema, Philips offers the Blu-ray Disc Player BDP3000. While not compromising on quality, this player offers a compelling entrance into the world of Blu-ray. Just like all other Philips Blu-ray players, it offers all the important features such as BD-Live, HD audio support and high quality DVD playback, bundled in a compact, extremely easy to use and affordable Blu-ray player.

Philips complete range of Blu-ray products
For a truly immersive home cinema experience you need to think about the picture quality as well as the sound quality. Philips therefore included Blu-ray Disc playback now also in its extensive range of home theater systems. From the successful Philips SoundBar with Ambisound to the conventional 5.1 and 2.1 home theater systems, all models provide the best high definition viewing experience through Blu-ray Disc playback and the best listening experience with high-end proprietary sound technologies from Philips.

For more information on Philips Blu-ray range of products, please visit: http://www.philips.com/blu-ray