Plextor Europe has announced its first CD/DVD duplicator, the PlexCopier PX-DM300. This stand alone unit contains one source drive and three PX-608AL multi-format DVD writers.

Plextor today announces its first CD/DVD duplicator ideal for offices of all sizes - particularly marketing departments, schools, Government, agencies etc. It is the only one available on the market with such a compact design as it features Plextor slimline slot-loading CD/DVD ReWriter drives.

Enabling fast copying of up to three CDs/DVDs at once, the Plextor PlexCopier PX-DM300 does not require a PC as it is a stand alone unit - therefore it does not tie up any of the office computers, and helps to increase office productivity.

The PlexCopier PX-DM300 features an intuitive interface and as such is extremely easy to use - simply follow the steps on the LCD display. It is perfect for copying all types of office data such as electronic brochures, presentations, video footage, multimedia files and databases.
No word on price yet. However, the PlexCopier PX-DM300 is scheduled to ship in July 2007. More information is available on Plextor's website.