RAIDON is releasing the new generation of SAS storage solutions, GR2880 and GR4880. These models can to be easily deployed while offering a stable performance and scheduled backup to the SMB.


GR2880 and GR4880 offers the remarkable SAS storage solutions, embed dual SAS host interface to the fastest data throughput for an extraordinary performance, also provides up to RAID 6 the highest RAID level protection to data from work station and data server for a secured operating environment.

Both models also provide snapshot function which only offered from high standard storage devices. This function will backup stored data in records from designation time, to prevent data encounters inevitable problems through capability of restoring primitive correct data from files of saved records.

GR2880 supports 8 of up to 15mm height 2.5" SATA HDDs, and GR4880 supports 8 of up to 26mm 3.5" SATA HDDs for the massive capacity in demands. And both models equipped RAIDON SAS module, runs on Intel 80341 CPU and 1GB of DDR2 RAM with a smallest back plane design from the market narrowing down the space requirement of system deployment, also comes with LCD system status display and provides web GUI for system configuration and monitoring via LAN or RS232, these models are the most advanced RAID storage solution in its class.

RAIDON also delivers models of GT2880 and GT4880 available for JBOD function, users may collocates a RAID card whenever is necessary to upgrade them to RAID storage for desired applications.

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